Zenny (ゼニー Zeni or z) is the form of coin currency used in the Monster Hunter series. There are multiple ways in which a hunter can retrieve zenny such as hunting or capturing game and harvesting crops, minerals, bugs, fish and selling them.

For the life of a hunter, Zenny can buy useful things such as armor, weapons, decorations, and items that will aid in your quest for hunting.

Methods of Getting Quick Money


  • Buy the plant rows in the Farm and plant Power Seeds. Each Power Seed you sell will net you 140z.
  • In Forest and Hills, there are multiple bush or bone areas that have Kut-Ku Scales, these sell for 250z.
  • Completing gathering quests in mineral rich regions such as the jungle or preferable volcano zone. Selling Malachite and Iron Ore can yield high profits in bulk.
  • Complete training quests, you do not worry about using our own supplies and they pay reasonable amounts of Pokke points and Zenny.

Middle to End

  • Slay Rathalos and Rathian repeatedly in Troublesome Pair. Each quest should be quick and easy, and net you about 10000z.
  • Gypceros has a Feign Death move. In MHF2, you are able to sneak up to it while its feigning death, and carve its body. Whether this is a glitch or it was intended from Capcom, it no doubt serves a great way of getting you Zenny and Pokke points.
  • The 5* quest Ultimate Crab Dinner can yield you anywhere between 7000z-25000z in rewards alone. Your rewards will be worth more if you break both Hermitaurs' shells and capture them. The quest can take about 5-10 minutes.
  • The HR6 Silver Rathalos quest can easily net you 30,000 zeni on average if you sell the rewards in what can easily be a ten minute job for a capture or even a kill.
  • Killing/repelling Lao Shan Lung in the 6* gathering hall mission can earn you 28000z without selling any of the reward. This usually takes longer than killing Silver Rathalos, though.
  • Slaying Akantor Solo and selling all the parts carved and those in the rewards, wield around 100000z. With a good G-rank weapon, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to clear.


  • Zeni is a real coin-currency in Japan, called yen or en.
  • Zenny is the currency that is used in many Capcom games, most notably in the Mega Man series.


  • Getting 200000z in MHF2 unlocks a guild card title called Overpowering
  • Getting 999999z in MHFU unlocks a guild card title called Superstar

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