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Zenith Giaorugu is a Brute Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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An evolved Giaorugu that is slightly larger and more dangerous than its counterpart. The blue yellow tipped stegosaurus-like plates, on its neck through tail, further developed to become blue yellow tipped unique plates. On its head, the center horn grew a lot longer while the rest of its horns grew slightly longer, the center of its head is covered with white frost, and its tusks grew slightly longer. Lastly, instead of having a large blade-like tail, Zenith Giaorugu's tail heavily developed over the years to become an yellow anchor-like shape.

While taking enough damage, in combat, Zenith Giaorugu is capable of making the plates on its back glow red and sometimes encrust them in ice.


It still kept the ability to cartwheel its body forward to attack hunters, shoot an ice beam, put its tail in the ice floor to encrusted it with ice to attack hunters, and a short burst of ice breath. When its anchor-like tail is slammed on the ice floor, near hunters, Zenith Giaorugu is capable of causing quakes that will stun hunters close to it. Not only that, it can suck up all the cold air and release it on the ice floor, causing it to be covered in a huge cold air gust that heavily damages hunters.

Similar to Glavenus spin attack, it stays in a current spot to hold its heavily developed tail up in the air, or sideways, to later unleash a tail spin attack on hunters. It can also make a combo attack with its tail and short range ice breath.

Also, its ice-based attacks can drain hunter's stamina dramatically. When the stamina is all gone, the hunter will be in frozen solid ice.


Like Giaorugu, it only lives in the Polar Sea which it is dependent on for its ice-tail attacks. However, it can live in the Fortress Ruins.

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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  • Zenith Giaorugu's head crest and one of its fangs can be broken, the chest, each hind leg and tail can all be wounded.
  • Zenith Giaorugu's special body part is its tail.
    • Wounding the tail will cause Zenith Giaorugu to flinch after some tail attacks.