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Zenith Akura Vashimu are Carapaceons introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

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An evolved Akura Vashimu that are larger and smarter than their counterpart. Their entire body developed to have black whitish exoskeleton with brown whitish hair throughout its body. The purple crystals on its pincers and heads has further developed to become long spiky violet blue ones. Zenith Akura Vashimu purple geode crystal tail tipped stinger heavily developed over the years to become a larger violet blue geode crystal instead with large crystal spikes on it and near it. Lastly, its two pair of red eyes turn purple over the years of development.


They have the same attack move sets of Akura Vashimu, and their other relative, but with new move sets of their own. They're capable of slamming their developed geode crystal tail, in front of them, on the ground to make a shockwave follow by large crystal shards flying at random directions near the front, and side, of them. When the shards land on the ground, they shortly explode. Sometimes when they slam their developed geode crystal tail, they will cover a slightly large part of the area in crystals before they detonate a large explosion, which cause them to jump high in the air to do a body slam on hunters.

When sticking their developed geode crystal tail are out, while their in the ground, Zenith Akura Vashimu are capable of separating the geode crystal out of their tail to trick hunters by doing a KO pincer pin attack that drag hunters in the ground. If hunters are close to their detached geode crystal, the geode crystal will detonate an explosion.

They have a jump pin attack that put hunters on the ground, while Zenith Akura Vashimu hit them multiple times with their pincers. Also, they have a 360 degree angle tail spin attack that cause crystal shards to be on the ground to temporary explode on hunters.


Zenith Akura Vashimu might be a lot dangerous than Akura Vashimu for they sometimes trick hunters with their attacks. Like their counterpart, when their tails are detached, Zenith Akura Vashimu will eat their tails.


They live in most areas where Akura Vashimu lives, but Zenith Akura Vashimu also live in newer areas like White Lake and Fortress Ruins.

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