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Yian Kut-Ku
MHRoC-Yian Kut-Ku Card 001
English Name: Yian Kut-Ku
Japanese Name: イャンクック
Romaji: Iyankukku
Korean Name: 얀쿡크
English Title: Jungle Menace
The Great Kut-Ku
Japanese Title: Mystery Bird
Nicknames: YKK, Kut-Ku
General Information
Species: Bird Wyvern
Element/s: Fire Fire
Ailment/s: Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon Fireblight
Weakest to: Water Water on Wings
Ice Ice on Head
Weakness Sign: Ears folding back
Signature Move: Multiple Firespew
Habitats: Forest and Hills
Old Volcano
Tide Island
Unknown Great Forest
Monster Size: Gold Crown Large 1204.9
Gold Crown Small 449.3
Monsters in Relation: Blue Yian Kut-Ku
Yian Garuga
Generation: First

Yian Kut-Ku is a fire-breathing Bird Wyvern. They are rather small compared to other wyverns and resemble giant chickens in both manner and form. The name "Kut-Ku" may come from the word "cuckoo" for its bird-like characteristic and appearance.

MH4-Yian Kut-Ku and Kunchuu Render 001


The Yian Kut Kut resembles a giant featherless bird with reptilian-style wings and frill-like 'ears'.

They have large, tangerine-persimmon parrot-like beak which crooked on the lower beak like a pelican's. While their body appears featherless, it is considerably hard and sturdy like an armadillo's carapace. The edge has two 'talons' while another shorter one slightly distant from the others on both wings. The wings are particularly flexible to be able to extend a bit like how albatross wings' extends.

While their body is considerably smaller than the appendages, the feet are particularly large and strong, like a tyrannosaurus's. Each foot posseses 3 frontal digits, the digits are 4 in Monster Hunter 4 however.


Yian Kut-Ku are the weakest of the boss wyverns, and one of the most basic wyverns but they are rather fast. Many hunters defeat the Kut-Ku as their first wyvern. While experienced hunters usually have no challenge in defeating it, first-timers may have some difficulty due to the Kut-Ku's speed.

They are belligerent towards hunters, and use their Fire attacks and pecks to defend their territory. If attacked before fully landing, it may opt to circle the area and swoop down on its foes. Though their attacks and speed make them more formidable than other small-sized monsters, they leave themselves open to attack more often than the average wyvern.


A somewhat temperamental, skittish, and inquisitive wyvern. Yian Kut-Ku have a tendency to want to appear bigger than they really are by spreading their wings, flaring out their ears, and shriek out a loud squawking roar.


They inhabit the Forest and Hills, Jungle, and Swamps.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hard Core (HC) Yian Kut-Ku

MHFG-HC Yian Kut-Ku Render 001 (Edited)

Hardcore Yian Kut-Ku became available. This variant can perform a circular rampaging charge attack with extreme attack power, and has the ability to spew a Fire Ball that causes a wall of fire.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MH1 (2004) Logo-MH1 (2004) Logo-MH4U (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 / Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
MHFU-Yian Kut-Ku Icon A bird-like wyvern with a huge beak and large ears that splay open when it is angered. With its sensitive hearing it dislikes loud noises. It is smaller but faster than other wyverns.
Monster Hunter 4
MH4-Yian Kut-Ku Icon 鳥型の飛竜。 りっぱな顎と、怒るとひらく大きな耳が特徴。 聴覚が優れる反面、大きな音にはめっぽう弱い。 飛竜の割に小柄で、逃げ足が速い。
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★
Monster Hunter Frontier G
Yiankutkufr (?)
Monster Hunter Online
MHOL-Yian Kut-Ku Icon 鸟脚亚目,走龙下目,蓝速龙科。行动迅速的小型食肉龙,集团行动的典范。身形不算特别强壮,却能依靠锐利的爪牙和出色的合作意识,狩猎比它庞大数倍的猎物。

Analysis and Guides

For details on older games this monster has appeared in, see Yian Kut-Ku Guides.

Yian Kut-Ku Analysis for Monster Hunter 4
MH4-Yian Kut-Ku (Cutting Damage) MH4-Yian Kut-Ku (Impact Damage) MH4-Yian Kut-Ku (Shot Damage)
Cutting Damage
(Click Image to Zoom)
(Coming Soon)
Impact Damage
(Click Image to Zoom)
(Coming Soon)
Shot Damage
(Click Image to Zoom)
(Coming Soon)
Brighter Red means more damage, while Darker Red means lesser damage.
Credits for the Images used above goes to kei_9 (ケイ) of Pixiv

Raw Hitzone Damage Data
Hitzone Cutting Damage Impact Damage Shot Damage
Head 50 80 100
Neck 50 60 50
Back 40 50 40
Belly 80 70 80
Wings 75 70 70
Legs 25 30 30
Tail 50 60 30
Element Hitzone Damage Data
Hitzone Fire Fire Water Water Thunder Thunder Ice Ice Dragon Dragon
Head 10 30 30 40 0
Neck 10 80 50 50 20
Back 10 20 15 15 0
Belly 10 20 15 15 0
Wings 10 10 25 15 0
Legs 5 5 5 5 0
Tail 10 20 15 15 0
This Monster is weakest to: Water Water on Neck:
  • On Belly (Cutting Damage)
  • On Head (Impact and Shot Damage)

Status Effects Data
Poison Paralysis Sleep Fatigue Stun
Initial Tolerance
Max. Tolerance
Tolerance Recovery
Duration N/A
Damage N/A N/A N/A

Item Effectiveness Data
Item Name Able
First Time
Second Time
Third Time
Fourth Time
Pitfall Trap Yes
(?) (?) (?) (?)
Shock Trap Yes
(?) (?) (?) (?)
Dung Bomb (?)
(?) (?) (?) (?)
Flash Bomb Yes
(?) (?) (?) (?)
  • Flash Bombs will only work if Yian Kut-Ku is facing the Flash Bomb when it goes off.
Sonic Bomb Yes
(?) (?) (?) (?)
  • Sonic Bomb works only if Yian Kut-Ku is not enraged.
Meat No

Analysis Data Source/s:


  • Yian Kut-Ku are the weakest of the boss wyverns.

  • There is a quest called "At Birds Hill..." which requires players to fight an extremely small Yian Kut-Ku at the Forest and Hills zone, which is most-likely a young Yian Kut-Ku. It has a different voice due to its miniscule size, yet its fireball attack increases in power and explosion radius, this may be because it doesn't have very good control over its Flame Sac.
  • Yian Kut-Ku can be sometimes be seen drinking from the ponds in Areas 9 and 10 of the Forest and Hills.

  • The Yian Kut-Ku has 4 toes while in previous generations, it had 3 toes.
  • Yian Kut-Ku will prey on Kunchuu to regain stamina.
  • Yian Kut-Ku is now capable to release 2 fireballs instead of 1.
  • While low on stamina, Yian Kut-Ku won't be able to shoot fireballs, and its beak will get stuck in the ground when it performs its pecking attack.

  • Yian Kut-Ku can be a pet, its favorite foods are insects and worms.

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