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In-Game Information

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  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Mountain Dragon
  • Family: Yama Tsukami

Yama Kurai is an Elder Dragon that is rarely seen by humans. It is a close relative of Yama Tsukami.

Habitat Range

Yama Kurai are travelers, much like Yama Tsukami. From the number of unknown plants on its body, it is hard to say what kind of environments Yama Kurai have been to. The only area that these Elder Dragons have been confirmed to sometimes venture in is the Highland.

Ecological Niche

Yama Kurai are quite high up in the food chain. They will feed on fertile lands along with lakes in order to sustain themselves. They will swallow whole forests and lakes in one gulp by sucking up large amounts of air. They will also eat any animals as they suck up forest and lakes. This means that Yama Kurai is an omnivore. Its unknown if Yama Kurai have any threats, though it can be assumed that it doesn't at this time.

Biological Adaptions

Yama Kurai shares many of the same adaptions as Yama Tsukami but, has a few differences from its relative. Yama Kurai have plants, and even trees, covering their body. This makes them a living forest. These plants don't exist in any known areas and able to grow on Yama Kurai through the blood they produce, which is rich with nutrients. The nutrients can even rapidly grow some plants in environments sort of like Inagami. Throughout a Yama Kurai's body are strange seeds. These seeds grow into trees rapidly with just a single powerful hit, making them like hidden mines. Yama Kurai has one major difference from Yama Tsukami. Yama Kurai is able to produce a substance that contains different types of poisons. It is theorized that Yama Kurai might have gotten these poisons from constant feeding after years of animals and plants. Small bits of hair can vaguely be seen on Yama Kurai's body.


Yama Kurai is a dangerous monster that should be avoided.