Wyvern Mastery (Japanese 竜操術) is an technique that was used by some in ancient times.

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What Was Wyvern Mastery?

According to legends, Wyvern Mastery was a legendary technique used to control and ride Flying Wyverns. Wyvern Mastery was used to turn said monsters into slaves. It is believed that the Ancient Civilization were the ones that developed this technique.

Wyvern Mastery Soldiers

The Wyvern Mastery Soldiers (Japanese 竜操騎兵) were the riders of the Flying Wyverns. They controlled the monsters like puppets by fighting said monsters. These soldiers would use the Black Lance, a weapon crafted from the materials of Fatalis, to battle incoming foes.

Present Times

In the present times, this technique has been lost for a long time, though some researchers still look for signs of this old trick. No matter the costs or resources, they still want to know more about Wyvern Mastery.


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