Wyverian (Japanese 竜人族) are a race found throughout the Monster Hunter series.

What are Wyverian?

Wyverian are a race that seemingly evolved from reptiles, unlike humans. They are believed to potentially be half human and half wyvern with quite a long life span like some reptiles. Some Wyverian, such as Treshi, have been found to be about 350 years old or more. From living so long, the Wyverian reproduce less than humans, making their populations smaller than humans. Three common features among the Wyverian are their pointed ears, four fingered hands, and "bird"-like legs.

Similar to humans, Wyverian have multiple ethic groups, or races, as well.

A Wyverian's Thinking

Unlike humans, Wyverian are considered to be more intelligent and have a more rational way of thinking. They have a great respect for nature, including a respect for the species in nature, though they feel that a lot of humanity can't comprehend this. Humanity would start a war first, rather than take a peaceful route while the Wyverian, on the other hand, are known to be very peaceful. Though rarely some take on the life as their ancestors did before them and hunt, although prefer to avoid conflicts.

Coexistence With Humans

Wyverian are known to have a strong relationship with humans, even though both think differently. Some older Wyverian choose to stay and coexist with humans because they're too old. Younger Wyverian are known to travel among different lands, with humans, while still in their prime.

Known Wyverians


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