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This page is for placing neat and useful Wiki codes to help give the Monster Hunter Wiki a more aesthetically pleasing look.


Code Description What it looks like
{{PAGENAME}} Displays the current page's name automatically Wiki Code Compilations
{{TEMPLATE:Name of Template}} Insert a template onto the page


Image Links

Instead of having an image link to its viewing page, it can be linked to an article.

[[Image:Name of Image.jpg|link=URL of destination]]

Removing Table of Contents


Removing Headline Edit Button


Table Styles

Sortable Data Table

{|class="datatable sortable"


Name Description Commonly Found: Value Rarity
Liquid-Green Potion Restores a small amount of health. Combine Herb and Blue Mushroom or buy it 7z 1
Liquid-Green Mega Potion Restores a moderate amount of health. Combine Potion and Honey 16z 2
Liquid-Cyan Nutrients Increases the maximum Health level slightly. Combine Godbug and Blue Mushroom 25z 2
Liquid-Cyan Mega Nutrients Medicine that increases the maximum Health level by a small amount. Combine Nutrients and Honey 92z 3
Liquid-Blue Antidote Effectively removes all traces of poison from your system. Combine Antidote Herb and Blue Mushroom or buy it 6z 1
Liquid-Yellow Immunizer Medicine that enhances natural recovery ability. Combine Catalyst and Dragon Toadstool 92z 3
Liquid-Yellow Power Juice Allows you to run without becoming fatigued for a period of time. Combine Rare Steak and Catalyst 29z 2
Liquid-Yellow Mega Juice Allows you to run without fatigue for even longer than Power Juice. Combine Well-Done Steak and Power Extract 205z 3
Liquid-Red Demondrug Increases Attack power, bestowing the strength of Asura himself on user. Combine Power Seed and Catalyst 67z 4
Liquid-Red Mega Demondrug Increases Attack power even more than Demondrug. Combine Demondrug and Pale Extract 283z 5
Sac-Red Power Pill A strengthening pill that endows you with the power of a fierce god. Combine Immunizer and Power Seed 280z 1
Liquid-Orange Armorskin Increases Defense by hardening your skin to stone-like armor. Combine Catalyst and Armor Seed 58z 4
Liquid-Orange Mega Armorskin Increases defense even more than Armorskin. Combine Armorskin and Pale Extract 269z 5
Sac-Orange Armor Pill A pill that temporarily makes your skin as hard as metal. Combine Immunizer and Armor Seed 260z 1
Liquid-White Cool Drink A drink that bestows temporary resistance to extreme heat. Combine a Bitterbug and Ice Crystal or buy it 30z 1
Liquid-Red Hot Drink A drink that bestows temporary resistance to extreme cold. Combine Hot Pepper and Bitterbug or buy it 25z 1
Sac-Blue Thawing Agent A chemcial agent that melts away the frozen tundra in the soul. Combine Fire Herb and Rumblefish. 10z 1
Liquid-Orange Psychoserum Temporarily activates an psychic ability to sense Wyverns. Store bought. Combine Catcus Flower and Thunderbug 30z 3
Sac-White Herbal Medicine Effectively cures poison, and restores a slight amount of Health. Combine Cactus Flower and Bitterbug 25z 2
Sac-Yellow Max Potion Restores Health to the maximum level, enabling a full recovery. Combine Mega Nutrients and Dragon Toadstool. Common reward from Kirin quests 210z 3
Sac-Red Ancient Potion Restores Health and Stamina to maximum levels, enabling a full recovery. Combine Immunizer and Kelbi Horn. Common reward from Kirin quests 345z 5
Liquid-Yellow Energy Drink Recovers Stamina and cures fatigue. Approved by the Guild. Combine Sunset Herb and Honey 6z 2
Sac-White Lifepowder Medicine created by combining Lifecrystals. Strong restorative power. Combine Lifecrystals and Wyvern Claw. 315z 4

Greyish Border Table



# Product Use Item 1 Item 2 Success % Quantity
1 Potion Heals about 1/3 of the normal health bar. Blue Mushroom Herb 95 1
2 Mega Potion Heals about 2/3 of the normal health bar. Potion Honey 90 1
3 Nutrients Adds 10 points to your overall health meter. Godbug Blue Mushroom 90 1

Colored Links

[[Pagename|<font color="fontcolor">custom name</font>]]

For Example:

[[User:Mckrongs|<font color="green">Maku</font>]]

Produces: Maku

Also works with Hex Color Codes. Certain color codes can be found Here.

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