In-game description

Armor Piece Description
White Fatalis Face Z Glittering white helmet. Its mere existence is wrapped in mystery upon mystery.
White Fatalis Skin Z Shining white chest armor. Its light is untouchable by any kind of impact.
White Fatalis Fist Z Glittering arm guards. When demonstrating one's skill, its white light is a beacon.
White Fatalis Scale Z Shining white waist armor. Its glittering appearance is perfect for the powerful.
White Fatalis Legs Z Glittering white leg armor. Brilliance that can even erase one's shadow.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
White Fatalis Face Z ThckWhtFatlisScl (3), Fatalis Evil Eye (1), HrdWhtFatlisHorn (2), HvnlyGaorenShell (1) 66666z
White Fatalis Skin Z HrdWhtFatlisHorn (2), HvyWhtFatalisShl (3), ThckWhtFatlisScl (2), BigEDragonJewel (1) 66666z
White Fatalis Fist Z HrdWhtFatlisHorn (2), HvyWhtFatalisShl (1), StrWhtFatalisWng (3), BigEDragonJewel (1) 66666z
White Fatalis Scale Z HvyWhtFatalisShl (3), ThckWhtFatlisScl (2) StrWhtFatalisWng (1), BigEDragonJewel (1) 66666z
White Fatalis Legs Z ThckWhtFatlisScl (3), HvyWhtFatalisShl (2), StrWhtFatalisWng (1), Lao-ShanHvnlyScl (1) 66666z
Total ThckWhtFatlisScl (10), HvyWhtFatalisShl (9), HrdWhtFatlisHorn (6), StrWhtFatalisWng (5), Fatalis Evil Eye (1), HvnlyGaorenShell (1), Lao-ShanHvnlyScl (1), BigEDragonJewel (3) 333330z

The white fatalis z armor is made of G rank white fatalis materials, as well as the rarest of other elder dragon materials. It is extremely hard to create, but in return offers the greatest defense in the game. The hardest part of getting this armor is probably obtaining the 3 BigEDragonJewels it requires, which can only be gotten of G rank Teostra/Kushala Daora and Chameleos, and is also one of the rarest items in the game. It is the most powerful and most expensive armor in MHFU. This armor is exclusive to HR9.

Armor Stats

The armor starts with a defense of 54 and gets a final defense of 66. This makes the White Fatalis Z armor the most powerful (gunner) armor in MHFU. Like any other fatalis armor, it offers great resistance to every element except dragon. Not as great as Fatalis Z skills wise, but with correct gemming it can be nearly as good. It can be gemmed for many purposes, but it will always remain inferior to Fatalis Z skills wise.

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Skill Points
White Fatalis Face Z Fate -3, Constitution +4, SteadyHand +2
White Fatalis Skin Z Rec Speed +2, Fate -3, SteadyHand +2
White Fatalis Fist Z Fate -3, Constitution +2, SteadyHand +2
White Fatalis Scale Z Rec Speed +4, Fate -3, SteadyHand +2
White Fatalis Legs Z Rec Speed +4, Fate -3, SteadyHand +2
Total SteadyHand +10, Rec Speed +10, Fate -15.
  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Straight & True: Compound skill, a combination of Normal S/Pierce S/Pellet S Up for bowguns, and Rapid/Pierce/Spread Shot Up for bows.
  2. Damage Rec Speed +1: The red portion of health when taken damage recovers 2x faster than usual.
  3. Bad Luck: Decreases rewards for finishing a quest.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 2
  • Torso: 2
  • Arms: 3
  • Waist: 2
  • Legs: 2

There are no real suggestions for gemming this armor, it solely depends on what you consider important for a gunner. Gemming it for Guts or Evade +2 are 2 suggestions, but next to that, it's all up to you.

Armor Sphere Levelling Requirements

Armor Level Armor Defence Armor Sphere Required Upgrade Cost
2 56 Hrd Armor Sphere x1 10766z
3 58 Hvy Armor Sphere x1 13833z
4 60 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 14333z
5 62 Ryl Armor Sphere x1 14333z
6 64 Tru Armor Sphere x1 14833z
7 66 Tru Armor Sphere x1 15333z

Total Per Piece

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x1, Hvy Armor Sphere x1, Ryl Armor Sphere x2, Tru Armor Sphere x2 83431z

Total for Entire Armor Set

Total Armor Spheres Total Cost
Hrd Armor Sphere x5, Hvy Armor Sphere x5, Ryl Armor Sphere x10, Tru Armor Sphere x10 417155z