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1[Interview: Ask the Crafter Part Two]

Let's continue our discussion with the dynamic duo of crafters Bone Elder and Iron Elder in our 'Ask the Crafter' series. The second half of our interview covers the finer points of Bone and Iron materials.

2Q: Alright. Let's talk about the features of Iron and Bone.
Bone Elder (BE): Bone is the supreme material!
BE: What!? Iron, you have no idea what your talking about! Shut up.
IE: I have no idea? Shut up? If anyone should shut up, it should be you!
3Q: Since it obviously isn't going to be cordial, let's take turns. Bone, your first.

BE: You know the truth. Young people should know too. Bone Manufacturing!
It has a number of special abilities such as Poison or Paralysis effects. It is like the power of a monster in your hands!

4BE: The most well known of all the bone materials is Monster Bone. Monster Bone comes in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. There are also high quality bones - Monster Bone+ and Hard Monster Bone. You can use these for general purpose bone equipment, but don't expect any special effects.
5BE: If you are after the special effects, you are going to have to use materials from specific wyverns. For instance, by using Rathalos Scale, your weapon can gain increased Fire abilities. A crafting material's value is related to these special abilities.
6BE: As you fight various monsters, you will be able to gather up valuable materials. You can never forget to carve materials from a monster once it is defeated.
7IE: You talk entirely too much. I'm too old for this! But now it is my turn to talk... Iron Crafting! It is even more powerful and Sharp! Solid and flexible with high usability, there just is no substitute!
8IE: The most famous iron materials would be Iron Ore and Machalite Ore. High quality ores are those like Dragonite and Carbalite. Getting ahold of either one is quite an advantage over basic ores.
9IE: By using a Pickaxe in rocky areas or caves, you can mine for these ores. You should never forget to equip a Pickaxe when heading off on a Quest. Pickaxes... Never leave home without them!
10BE: It is unbecoming to get so excited at your age! Anyways, we all know that there are many places where Bone shows its true worth. However, by placing Bone together with Iron, you can truly strengthen an item.
11IE: Hmph. Look at you talking nice. But only gathering one kind of material would be a fool's folly. Only Iron or only Bone. Either is a mistake. Only through their miraculous collaboration are the best items created.
BE: Exactly.
12-- They may not look like they get along, but the truth is they rely on and trust each other like friends and partners, and it comes through in this interview. We would like to thank Bone Elder and Iron Elder for their time and patience in giving us this interview. End.

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