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MHGen-Volcano Screenshot 001
English Name: Volcano
Japanese Name: 火山
General Information
Icon: FieldIcon07
Number of Areas: 8 (MHF2, Daytime)
7 (MHF2, Night)
Hazards: Hot regions
(Area 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10)
Small Monsters: Apceros, Bullfango, Ceanataur, Felyne, Ioprey, Melynx, Remobra, Shakalaka, Uroktor, Vespoid
Large Monsters: Agnaktor, Brachydios, Basarios, Deviljho, Glavenus, Incinerating Blade Glavenus, Gravios, Black Gravios, Iodrome, Lavasioth, Lavasioth Subspecies, Lunastra, Midogaron, Rajang, Furious Rajang, Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Black Flame King Rathalos, Shogun Ceanataur, Terra Shogun Ceanataur, Teostra, Uragaan, Treasure Clad Uragaan, Volvidon
Game Appearances: MH2, MHF2, MHFU, MHGen, MHFO
Generation: Second
Monster hunter freedom 2 volcano

MHF2 Volcano Resource Map

Monster hunter freedom unite volcano

MHFU Volcano Resource Map

MH2-Volcano Day Map

Volcano Day Map (MH2)

MH2-Volcano Night Map

Volcano Night Map (MH2)

MHFU-Volcano Day Map

Volcano Day Map (MHFU)

MHFU-Volcano Night Map

Volcano Night Map (MHFU)

FrontierGen-Volcano Day Map

MHF-G9 Volcano Day Map

FrontierGen-Volcano Night Map

MHF-G9 Volcano Night Map

The Volcano is a location introduced in Monster Hunter 2, it is a lot larger than its Monster Hunter predecessor, the region is also far more harsh and inhospitable. You may be under contract on a quest during an eruption, tread lightly. In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite two extra areas can be explored, they are mainly for Lavasioth hunts.

Lava flowing in this region is dangerous to walk near, and it overflows at night time causing some changes in the layout. You can find explosive rocks in some areas which will react to enough damage.


Base Camp
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 001
A shore, much like in the Jungle, instead of a tent your Base Camp has a Boat, there's two paths, one leading to Area 4 and the other to Area 1.
Area 1
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 002
An open area surrounded by high ledges and a deep ravine in the bottom, during the day Apceros can be seen wandering around, while in the night the area may be filled with Bullfango and Ioprey, you don't need a Cold Drink here.
Monsters: Apceros, Bullfango, Ioprey.
Area 2
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 003
Another open area similar to the previous one, Bullfango, Melynx and Ceanataur are common here, you can see lava flowing on stone, near the entrance to Area 3, the other path leads to Area 10, you don't need a Cold Drink here.
Monsters: Bullfango, Melynx, Ceanataur.
Area 3
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 004
A volcanic cave frequented by Ceanataur, from here on you'll need a Cold Drink to prevent the heat from draining your health, there are paths leading to Areas 4, 5, 7 and back to 2.
Monsters: Ceanataur, Ioprey.
Area 4
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 005
A large open volcanic cave, during the night the rising lava makes this open area into a stretched zig-zag, you may see some Ceanataur, Vespoid or Apceros here, along with Large Monsters such as Rajang and Gravios.
Monsters: Vespoid, Ceanataur, Apceros.
Area 5
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 006
Another open volcanic cave, several mining points can be found here, commonly inhabited by Vespoid, Large Monsters may come here.
Monsters: Bullfango, Ioprey, Remobra, Vespoid.
Area 6
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 007
A crescent-shaped area, some mining spots can be found here, the road to Area 8 is only available during the day, in the night volcanic rock will block the path.
Monsters: Ioprey, Bullfango, Ceanataur, Remobra.
Area 7
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 008
A stone pathway in a river of lava, during the day it has a circular shape with an inaccessible center, during the night a portion is covered by lava, making it into a crescent shape.
Monsters: Ioprey, Bullfango, Ceanataur, Remobra.
Area 8
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 009
A small clifftop with some mining points, inaccessible during night, you can jump off to Area 7.
Monsters: Remobra, Ioprey, Melynx.
Area 9
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 010
A area that opens to a large body of lava, from where Lavasioth jumps out, some Ceanataur may be seen.
Monsters: Remobra, Ceanataur, Apceros.
Area 10
MHFU-Volcano Screenshot 011
Similar to Area 9, this place is meant to be for Lavasioth hunts, Ceanataur can also appear here.
Monsters: Remobra, Ceanataur, Apceros.
Secret Area
Secret area
There is a 3% chance of landing here (only in High-rank or G Lvl missions). There is a mining spot, so bring Pickaxes, but beware of the Bullfango. Located between Areas 5 and 6, connected to Area 6.
Monsters: Bullfango.


Monster Hunter Generations

Music Themes

MHFU/MHX/MHF-G9: Volcano Theme (HR1-4)
MHF-G9: Volcano Theme (HR5~)
MHF-G9: Volcano Theme (G-rank)


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- "Burning Rock" (Volcano - Day)00:16

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- "Burning Rock" (Volcano - Day)

Title Burning Rock
by octaneblue2
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- "Burning Rock" (Volcano - Night)00:17

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite -- "Burning Rock" (Volcano - Night)

Title Burning Rock
by octaneblue2

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