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1[Pokke Village Tourist Center]

The Furahiya Mountain Range has been wrapped in snow since ancient times, never seeing a single thaw. Known for its Ice Crystals and Mountain Herbs, the Furahiya range is also home to Pokke Village.

2At the center of the village, and its most well known feature, is a huge stone made of Machalite Ore. A piece of ore this large is extremely rare. This piece of Machalite was what attracted a brother and sister pair of Wyverians to open up a path and start this village.
3This village was founded hundreds of years ago. With the abundance of Machalite lines near the village, it became an incredibly prosperous mining village. An old lady familiar with the times had this to say, "Machalite is a glorious ore, and that is why it's attracted not just miners, but also hunters and blacksmiths, even famous ones!"
4In modern Pokke, a hot spring shoots from the center of the peaceful village. Other than mining, it is home to hunters seeking fame and fortune in the Snowy Mountains, and tourists seeking rejuvenation in the hot springs. However, the peace of the village enjoys is for good reason. It is protected by skilled hunters.
5Blangongas and other ferocious monsters have never once been able to assail the village itself. One of the village's previous hunters said, "Yep, We'd BBQ his boo-tay. After meeting me, I don't think he will ever get the idea of coming after this village in his mind again." The hunter is currently in retirement due to injury, but he is held in great esteem.
6There are also rumors that a legendary Wyverian stashed a treasure nearby the area. The old lady who founded the village and her brother, Treshi, are said to be descendents of this Wyverian and are said to have founded the village in part to search for the treasure. All interested hunters should try searching out the treasure as well.
7Pokke Village, a peaceful locale wrapped in the harshness of the Snowy Mountains. Like a desert oasis, it is a peaceful retreat for all travelers. Why don't you come for a visit yourself?

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