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1[The Truth of the Veggie Elders]

You haven't happened to see old Wyverian hermits living alone in the Jungle, Snowy Mountains, or even the Desert, have you? They are known as Veggie Elders to hunters, and we are hot on the trail to unlocking the mystery behind their solitary ways.

2There is more than one Veggie Elder. They roam the lands of this world with walking sticks in hand, gathering veggies during their travels. In fact, Veggie Elders have been confirmed to be wandering the Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Desert, Swamp, and Forest and Hills, although they have been sighted at other locales as well.
3Veggie Elders may seem different and unfathomable to us humans, but they possess a special trait that we can all understand. They treasure their items. Veggie Elders also known to trade the treasured items in their possession for items that a hunter is carrying with them.
4Those who have actually met a Veggie Elder may already know this, but if a Veggie Elder sees an item that you have in your possession that piques his interests he will offer you a trade for one of his items. The items a Veggie Elder requests can be varied, and the items you receive in return will be different depending on the Veggie Elder.
5For instance, if you bump into the Veggie Elder on the Snowy Mountains, he is often in possession of herbal items. According to reports, if you trade him a Small Monster Bone, you may receive a Hot Drink, Frog, or Thawing Agent in return.
6The Veggie Elder who inhabits the Desert is said to often possess items made of ore, while the Veggie Elder in the Jungle loves monster materials. We are still looking into what types of items the Veggie Elders of the Swamp and Forest and Hills are prone to carry.
7It must be said that current knowledge seems to state that the item you receive from a Veggie Elder will be entirely at the whim of the Elder himself. Some reports have stated that instead of a Hot Drink, the Snowy Mountain Veggie Elder has given Hot Meat in return for a Small Monster Bone.
8Of course, we investigated this claim, but we cannot seem to find a rhyme or reason as to why you would receive one item or another. It seems to be entirely up to the whim of the Veggie Elder at the time you talk to him. The Veggie Elders whims are not entirely one sided, as a good item might tempt him to be more generous.
9It also seems that a Veggie Elder will take a Wyvern Egg or Sootstone ore if you are carrying it; however, since these are Account Items that can command a high price, you should consider your current situation (i.e. if camp is a long way off or difficult to reach) before deciding to make a trade.
10The Veggie Elders are a group notoriously hard to please. When we began work on this article, we tried to gather data on their actions via an interview. As to be expected, the Veggie Elders were only interested in our items and became quite irritable at our persistent questions, making it impossible to continue the conversation.
11Hunters are well acquainted with the Veggie Elders fickle personalities, and they have no choice but to give up if a Veggie Elder throws one of his tantrums.
12Rumor has it that the Guild has issued an item called the Veggie Elder Ticket. It is said that this ticket is given to those who embark on quests with their friends... If you give this to a Veggie Elder, you may be able to get an excellent item. The Guild refused to comment when contacted about this matter.
13We are still currently investigating the relationship between the Guild and the Veggie Elders.

This article was previously scheduled to be an interview with a Veggie Elder; However, plans were changed due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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