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Veggie Elders are NPCs found in about every area. The player can talk to them for random items or bring special items for a trade.

VE Silverticket - obtained by playing multiplayer with hunters whose guildcard you have saved.

  • Primal Forest - Najarala Marrow
  • Misty Peaks - Mizutsune Plate
  • Jurassic Frontier - Glavenus Plate
  • Verdant Hills - Astalos Plate
  • Ancestral Steppe - Goremagala Plate
  • Dunes - Tigrex Skalp
  • Arctic Ridge - Gammoth Skalp
  • Volcano - Rathalos Plate
  • Marshlands - Rathian Plate

There are many more items to trade. Hopefully coming soon.

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