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1[Veggie Elder eyewitness Reports]

This story is a reporter's log of various encounters with men called Veggie Elders. Unfortunately, the date each entry was written, and who wrote it, has been lost to the sands of time.

2Entry 1: Today I met the mysterious Man-Wyvern Elder in the Forest and Hills. Occasionally he wants an Insect Husk, so I traded him one for a Special mushroom. I wonder what that nice old man is using it for?
3Entry 2: If you ask around in hunter's circles, that old man seems rather famous. No matter where you are, in the Forest and Hills, Swamp, or Jungle, if you take him items he loves, he is always happy to trade... Very, very interesting...
4Entry 3: I want to see the Veggie Elder in the Forest and Hills. Last time, I traded him Iron Ore for Small Monster Bone, so I was expecting the same. However, this time he gave me a Mystery Bone. I guess he doesn't give you the same thing every time...
5Entry 4: Today I ran into the Veggie Elder in the Swamp. It seems that he was a different person than the one in the Forest and Hills. We humans can't tell the difference in their outward appearance, but I knew he was different from the items he liked. I'd like to gather and study more data on this issue.
6Entry 5: Trading Note. I traded with the Veggie Elder in the Swamp. I gave him a Vespoid Abdomen for a Lightcrystal. However, in talking with other hunters, apparently I got a raw deal. It seems that he has given others some amazing items...
7Entry 6: I have finally discovered what the various Veggie Elders will trade. The forest Elder (apparently this what he is called) will give youmonster materials, while the Swamp Elder hands out Iron materials. I have never met the Veggie Elder in the Jungle, so I haven't the slightest clue as to what he trades.
8Entry 7: Trading Note. Today I traded the Swamp Elder a Hornet Razorwing for Carbalite Ore. Last time I got Dragonite Ore, so I consider today a win in my book.
9Entry 8: No matter how many times I try to test different trades, it is useless! I have no idea what items get treasure and what items get coal. I think it is entirely up to the whims of the Veggie Elders.
10Entry 9: Trading Note. If you trade the Forest Elder a Firecell Stone, you will get either a Gravios Carapace or a Pale Khezu Steak. The Elder is rather moody, but when it comes down to his whims, I have a hunch that he is more generous than not...
11Entry 10: I have finally confirmed some facts about the Veggie Elder in the Jungle. It seems he tends to give medicinal items. However, I wonder what this Elder's nickname is? Mystery Elder? Thicket Elder? Ahh! Jungle Elder.
12Entry 11: It seems that the Guild has issued an item called the Veggie Elder Ticket. Rumor has it that this ticket is given to those who embark on Quests with their friends... If you give this to a Veggie Elder, you may be able to get an excellent item. This is very interesting indeed...
13That is the final entry in the reporter's log chronicling the Veggie Elders. If any readers happen to have details to add to this story, please contact our editorial department.

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