VE Ticket :
D. Island = Lifecrystals
Sandy Plains = Demondrug
Flooded Forest = Nutrients
Volcano = Max Potions
Misty Peaks = Dash Juice
Tundra = Armorskin

VE Ticket Deluxe :

D. Island =
Sandy Plains =
Flooded Forest =
Volcano = Ancient Potion
Misty Peaks = Mega Dash Juice
Tundra =

VE Bronze Ticket :
D. Island = Rathian Spike
Sandy Plains = Nibelsnarf Scalp
Flooded Forest = Royal Ludroth Crest
Volcano = Volvidon Rickrack
Misty Peaks = Flint Stone
Tundra = Gigginox Claw

VE Silver Ticket :
Sandy Plains = Rathian Plate
D. Island = Rathalos Plate
Flooded Forest = Duramboros Tail Bone
Volcano = Uragaan Marrow
Misty Peaks = Vivid Feather
Tundra = Barioth Spike

VE Gold Ticket :
D. Island = Rathalos Ruby
Sandy Plains = Rathian Ruby
Flooded Forest = Duramboros Sacrum
Volcano = Uragaan Ruby
Misty Peaks = Zinogre Jasper
Tundra =  Brachydios Gem

VE Cosmic Ticket :
D. Island = Rathalos Mantle
Tundra = Brachy Pallium
Flooded Forest = Durambolite
Volcano = Uragaan Pallium
Misty Peaks = Zinogre Skymerald
S. Plains = Rathian Mantle

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