e is the novice fighters guide to killing the Great Yian Kut-Ku

The Yian Kut Ku is weakest to water on its wings or ice to its head or if you happen to get a loud noise making object like a sonic bomb for example near its ears it will become stunned.

When battling the Kut-Ku one must keep in mind that this is no slow moving Khezu or a slow witted Congalala for it is both smart and fast making it a truly formidable opponent.

Now unlike slower moving creatures it is difficult to kill a Kut-Ku with a slow weapon like a great sword or a long sword witch it quickly dodges and counters.

The Kut-Kus attacks are fairly weak, almost what you would expect from a Giadrome, but its attacks are quick and numerous so melee weapons in general are difficult to master the Kut-Ku with, for any one who is un familiar with the Kut-Ku I would recommend a light bow gun"heavy works too" loaded with Crags, Clusts and what ever rapid fire ammo your gun has because even though it is a large bird wyvern it stands no chance to heavy shots like those. if you end up using a bow gun, or any weapon in that matter aim for the head, when the ears of the Kut-Ku are destroyed i goes into rage mode witch is both good....and bad because it uses a powerful attack, in witch the monster charges forward swinging its head back and forth spitting fire every where around it....this is simply a desperate attempt to survive meaning a few shots from a Crag or even in some cases a single shot from a Clust and it is dead, sometimes if you hit it in a specific area a lot it will drop something like a Kut-Ku ear witch you use to make armor and weapons like what you would carve off a fallen monsters body. The Kut-Ku is one of the first monsters you will face that will actually drop an item.

If you follow these guidelines there is no doubt that you will have success a Yian Kut-Ku hunter!

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