Hey everyone! zingore8888 here. I can't wait till christmas. I am geting a 3ds and monster hunter ultimate and monster hunter 4g! i already have monster hunter 3tri, monster hunter portable 3rd, monster hunter freedom unite, monster hunter freedom 2, and all the monster hunter frontiers. i guess you can tell i am a HUGE monster hunter fan. So if anyone has any questions for me, just post them in the comments and i will get back to you. I do need help though on something. I want to know what the differneces are between monster hunter 3 ultimate for wiiu and 3ds. I am gettting 3ds and im not sure wat the differences between the games. Is it different weeapons and monster in each game? Please tell me if you can! I think the only  differences is only wiiu has wi-fi gameplay and 3ds doesnt. But please help! My tags on my games are hunter as well.



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