So I got stuck wonder whether I should stick with my trusty Rathalos set or go for the new Rathalos+. I have the rubies and the materials, but not the cash. So I came to the net to search. I found 2 so far: 1 is completely in Japanese and looks like a monkey shat on it. The other is in english, but was missing all the data.

The incomplete calculator (which is an excel sheet btw) was made by CpxAzn from Minegarde Forums (a MH fansite). He posted the thing up last month and for all I know, gave up on it. So instead of waiting and seeing as I've got nothing else to do, I wasted my day entering all the missing data into it. I now sit on probably the only English armor calculator (for melee) there is! Why sit on my high throne without giving it out I say, so the link can be found below.

I'll do the gunner version if people are ask for it (as I don't need it immediately, I'll stop here for now).

Version 4

Office 2007: Download Link
Office 2003: Download Link
Note: I've not tested the Open Office version!


  • Version 4 (June 14, 2010)
    • Added: HellHunter Jacket, SoulHunter Jacket, Jaggi Mask, Shadow Shade, and Black Leather Pants
    • Torso Up now works
    • Spelling Errors
    • Formula error fix
  • Version 3
    • Decoration names are now skill names
    • Reordered the skill tree
    • Fixed a serious ordering issue in the skill points
  • Version 2
    • Added all the armors and their upgraded versions.
    • Fixed dropdown menu systems
  • Version 1
    • Initial release

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