This time I've got here a video guide on Barioth! To be honest it was suppose to include a short guide on how to use a sword and shield, but it got omitted. The actual fight actually took 2 retries to get right. I kept getting pounced by both Barioths and either was just getting my ass handed to me or something random happen during recording (like forgetting to press record again).

thumb|300px|right|Part 1 thumb|300px|right|Part 2

The third time's the charm as usual and boy was it a good one. Has all the workings of a great story in hollywood: thrills, chills, betrayal, and revenge! Let's just say, treat your Cha-Cha and/or felyne companion better...

The video itself was edited solely on Adobe Premiere, and the total encoding time, even with a much higher bitrate, only took 1hr 30min~ So looks like I'm sticking with this software for now on.

Next up? Jhen Mohran as I recorded probably the most perfect fight I've seen. So perfect I had to record a second small segment to cover using the Dragonator during the second stage since it didn't get used at all...

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