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  • Zharay

    This time I've got here a video guide on Barioth! To be honest it was suppose to include a short guide on how to use a sword and shield, but it got omitted. The actual fight actually took 2 retries to get right. I kept getting pounced by both Barioths and either was just getting my ass handed to me or something random happen during recording (like forgetting to press record again).

    The third time's the charm as usual and boy was it a good one. Has all the workings of a great story in hollywood: thrills, chills, betrayal, and revenge! Let's just say, treat your Cha-Cha and/or felyne companion better...

    The video itself was edited solely on Adobe Premiere, and the total encoding time, even with a much higher bitrate, only took 1hr 30min~ So lo…

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  • Zharay

    So I got stuck wonder whether I should stick with my trusty Rathalos set or go for the new Rathalos+. I have the rubies and the materials, but not the cash. So I came to the net to search. I found 2 so far: 1 is completely in Japanese and looks like a monkey shat on it. The other is in english, but was missing all the data.

    The incomplete calculator (which is an excel sheet btw) was made by CpxAzn from Minegarde Forums (a MH fansite). He posted the thing up last month and for all I know, gave up on it. So instead of waiting and seeing as I've got nothing else to do, I wasted my day entering all the missing data into it. I now sit on probably the only English armor calculator (for melee) there is! Why sit on my high throne without giving it…

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  • Zharay

    I recorded this video as a test at first, but it turned out to be the most complete fight I've done on Agna without messing up too much. So I fired up Sony Vegas, mixed it together and added text to make it into a guide. Funny in that there are practically no real guides on him, just kill videos.

    Personally I think it turned out pretty good. Problem is it took 2hrs and 30min to render it. I could of done it in a much faster way (AegiSub + MeGUI), but I had to use vegas at least once I guess.

    Next up, Rathalos... hopefully.

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  • Zharay
    and I need some suggestions. This is going to be focusing on MH3 and I've got a very nice DVR (takes in Component and HDMI @ 1080i). As a test I've done this video with it so far (video to the right). I've also recorded a few battles and am getting a hang of using Sony Vegas to put it together. So what should I do? My first idea is going to be doing a "how to" on nearly every weapon class. Then probably redoing some of my guides into a video format.

    If you've got any idea, shoot me some in the comments below!

    In other news. After all this time my char is at HR 40 in MH3. Making new armor is going to be a huge pain in the ass, being that I need well over 80k to make say a Rathalos+ set from scratch. I've finally settled on SnS and SA as my pr…

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  • Zharay

    Hello all!

    April 20, 2010 by Zharay

    Hey people, if you haven't noticed I've been doing additions and edits to this wiki for the past few days in MH3. I'm adding as I play, so its a slow process. My main focus is adding information on areas that are NOT weapons. Things like quest rewards, area item lists, kitchen ingredients, that sort of thing. We got enough people as it is on weapons for me to not worry about them in general.

    For the past few days I've been playing the hell out of MH3 (it has been leaked since Friday 16th, finally got mine working around Sat/Sun). Tomorrow I pick up the game for real and will continue playing this awesome game. For the most part I play with some friends but I might end up doing random groupings to get more content in.

    Question is, do I keep …

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