Okay, we've all seen the new subspecies. They look AWESOME in my opinion. I personally like Green Narga. I kinda don't wanna fight Black Tigrex as the original usually kicked my butt in MHFU. Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian are cool as they have always been. The Gigginox looks like the new Red Khezu and potentially more fun to fight than your average Gigginox. Royal Ludroth doesn't grab my attention that much. The Barroth one looks okay; I look forward to his U-turn charge. The Barioth Subspecies looks annoying to fight. Same goes for the Qurupeco subsecies, except for the fact that it can summon Green Narga and actually has his own roar. The Agnaktor water/ice one looks cool too (I forsee an arena quest with both that one and the original). The Uragaan Subspecies looks okay I guess. Black Diablos is back. Yet the Nargacuga Subspecies still remains my favorite. I mean COME ON, he is a 2x faster Narga. SWEET. Anyways, which one one grabs your attention? Which do you dislike? Leave your comments and stuff.


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