Im gona write some of my ideas i get. im gona list the animal lookalike, some general looks, element, race (leviathan, pelagus etc.), and other ideas i can't think of now. im planing to draw them but im terible at it so no hopes. also if someone wants more info he can ask me. the names arent fixed cuz they dont have a meaning but may stay. sorry for my english, im not used to write this things.


fanged wyvern

pitbull like face and general build like jin but bigger

red and blue

fire geting the charge from the fireflies, and living in the voulcano and desert

breakable part: face, paws, back spikes, and tail

powerfull and big is his ace card. being bigger then the agnaktor, he has no enemys. normaly red and blue, when he charges sparks of fire dtart flying from his back, not damaging the hunter unles he is in rage mode and charge. in charge he gets blood red. when fatigued wallks like jin.




light blue almost transparant, gets green when in rage

thunder, parallyze

brakable parts: tentacles (turn dark), mouth (like a beck on a octopus, gives a carve dependig what was it it: slime, bones, berrys)

it can stay affloat only becuse the outher skin is hard and thin, it lets the air out but traps it undernight. ist far lighter then the hunter even if its bigger. on every tentacle it has pair of eyes that it can see with, can be brocken with tentacles but only some. can shoot parylizing liquid with the tantacles, broken have there range reduced and can fail. when fatigued drags a pair of tentacles on the ground and flyes away.

Shen-mahamut (lame name XP)



gray body, leg and back shield greenish, when in rage ears get pumped with blood turning them red

water, KO, mud -what it shoots with its thrunk

brakable parts: leg shields make it more likely to flip it over, back shield and be juped on and bombed, tusks, ears, trunk scared

this battle is like fighting a lao, so you need to repel or kill it in order to succed. its as big as a akantor. uses mostly stomps and cgarges, can inhale water, dust or mud to inflict waterblight, KO or muddy. gets faster when its leg shield are brocken. when fatigued can dring water fast and with one gulp. shock trap works only when leg shields brocken and can be captured. when neer death ears fold together.

more ides: flower wolf, turtle garden, trap aligator, bnahbra queen, altarit queen, merlin23:12, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

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