• Zero4cool

    Training missions MHU

    April 2, 2012 by Zero4cool

    I have a small problem. I want to fight fatalis in unte at Grank but can't unlock him.

    It says that i must complete the grank training missions. all 8 but i got only 7.

    can somone tell me how to unlock the last one?

    the ones i got are: hypnocatrice,emerald congolala, plum hermitaur, narga, copper blangonga, lavasioth, terra shogun

    plz help me cuz i rly want to fight him Zero4cool 06:26, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Zero4cool

    Some MH ides i like

    May 21, 2011 by Zero4cool

    Im gona write some of my ideas i get. im gona list the animal lookalike, some general looks, element, race (leviathan, pelagus etc.), and other ideas i can't think of now. im planing to draw them but im terible at it so no hopes. also if someone wants more info he can ask me. the names arent fixed cuz they dont have a meaning but may stay. sorry for my english, im not used to write this things.


    fanged wyvern

    pitbull like face and general build like jin but bigger

    red and blue

    fire geting the charge from the fireflies, and living in the voulcano and desert

    breakable part: face, paws, back spikes, and tail

    powerfull and big is his ace card. being bigger then the agnaktor, he has no enemys. normaly red and blue, when he charges sparks of fi…

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