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  • ZalkeraiX

    Your Opinion

    May 3, 2010 by ZalkeraiX

    Im going to write a FanFic. and I would like to know your opinion on changing the game a bit.

    EX. Certain monsters (the weaker ones) you could kill in one hit, so battles wouldnt last forever. There would be a new weapon called a Swift Sword. And monster materials would be easier to get, so you wouldnt have to kill 5 Rathalos to make the armor, instead you could kill one and then your done. "One and done, I said that once..." (Zombieland)

    Your opinion would be most appreciated, thanks!

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  • ZalkeraiX

    MH Wishlist Idea

    April 30, 2010 by ZalkeraiX

    Here's my idea... EX. Velocidrome Greatsword, you could make it with some ores and...idk... 4 Vel-Drome Claws and it would have a set amount of damage (you could see 4 claws). But with additional materials , like another claw (and you could see the additional claw, making it cooler), you could upgrade it and it would give it a small boost to attack, element, affinity, or slots. You could upgrade it more than once, and when you upgraded it fully you would get a medium-sized boost to attack, element, affinity, or slots.

    If you like it can you put a point for like? Thanks!

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  • ZalkeraiX

    Carving list

    April 29, 2010 by ZalkeraiX

    I am going through the pain staking trouble to kill low-rank monsters repeatedly to find out the carve % of the monsters, currently on Giaprey and Giadromes, will post them when done... when done low rank I will do high rank.

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