• Zacattack10


    August 19, 2011 by Zacattack10

    The Diablos is a horned wyvern that is found in the desert.A Diablos is commonly known for its two 10 ft long horns protruding from its head. These horns are its main defense other than its club tail with serrated edges. In a fight the horns will sometimes break off. A Diablos’ thick outer shell protects it.During fights a Diablos rarely dies because of this protective shell. Only its stomach is vulnerable. People use its shell to make armor, shields and weapons. Another feature that the Diablos has is its two horns on its jaw to make its bite more deadly. The horns also may be used to dig up roots. Being a Wyvern the Diablos is a large flying, two footed monster but Diablos never flies except when escaping from a pitfall trap. Diablos is …

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