Hello Fellow Hunters,

I am looking for some people that want to play online with me at some point for MHFU. If you have that game and want to join me I will be more then happy too. I am currently working on get Rathalos Armor and trying to get some new weapons in the mean time as well. So again I am looking for some players that want to help me out in this game and maybe do some other higher class quest as well. Again I will take anyone really just want to have some fun and hunter monsters.

I have been trying to get some items too such as Rathalos Wings and Webbings along with trying to get Monster Bone + which seems harder then it looks but yeah I hear the game is a little subborn as well lol.

I am a BladeMaster I use the longsword been at this game for like a couple years and yeah I just want to have some fun so please reach me and stuff and then maybe we can go and do some serious hunting.

Please reply to this and maybe we can open a chat at some point to start up.

Thank you and happy hunting,


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