Hey Guys this is the second chapter to Winds Of Eternity. Please Comment

I woke up... as I looked to the left I saw my new armorset: Ragiroth set and my new weapons Azullion, the upgraded ver of Inellion, and Ranzigan, upgraded version of Horrigan.

I leapt out of bed and took a beverage. I again took out my father's lance... then I put it beside my weapons. I walked outside and strolled through the village. I got crops from the farm, talked to local villagers, and took a look at the quest list. I mumbled "What a beautiful day..." I then decided to talk to the chief. As soon as I got there, my team was with the chief with a cute,shy girl named Alisa.

As soon as the chief spotted me, he shouted "Miles come here"

"This is Alisa... she will be replacing Claire in your team since she has family problems. She was married to Zexen."

"Uh... hi, i'm Alisa, pleased to meet you."

"Oh no you don't need to be that shy with us..." Ken said

"Yeah.." I said

after that, we quickly went back home

I quickly jumped on my bed, put my hand atop my head and thought what was the music I heard last night.

"A song huh?" Ken said after talking to me.

Something flew into my mind. I quickly jumped out of bed ran straight out the door and into a hill. There I saw a lady singing, but as soon as I went closer she disappeared.

A minute later the chief gave me a quest, an urgent one. The Boat was broken by a Royal Ludroth, the chief said there were hunters and villagers there.


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