A new FanFiction of Mine starring a new Character :)

New Character: Aedan

I stand in awe at the sight of the majestic tundra.

"I wish this place had no Dangerous Monsters." I whipered in a really soft voice.

As cold steam left out of my mouth, the quiet steady peace got broken by a roar.

"There you are..." I said as I faced the Great Baggi.


My Great Sword pierced It's side. It let out a roar and quickly slammed me to the wall.

"Damn, now THAT hurts..." I said. An ice-like sphere got hurled to me,I reacted quickly and impaled my sword to the ground and pulled it pulling me up.

The Great Baggi's tail is quickly approaching, it slapped my face but I quickly stood up, pulled my sword and striked it's body, killing it.

I sighed in rejoice.

I returned to the village.

I reported back to the village chief. I got my pay.

I went back to my temporary home.

A week later I got an urgent quest from the viilage chief, involving trapped villagers and an enraged Gallion, A new discovered Pelagus.

The village chief gave me more details on the monster and the quest.


Monster Type:Pelagus

Attribute: Fire

Most notable attack:

Fire wave

The Gallion stands up then swipes with a wave made of fire which blazes through the area

Habitat: Desert,Sandy Plains


A new Pelagus monster most notable for it's attack and crest which burns more densely as the fire it produces gets stronger and concentrated.


Save our villagers


HELP a new pelagus got enraged and we were forced to retreat to a dark cave, please send help.

Destination: Sandy Plains.

I prepared after reading notes and slept...

I left the village with the switch axe "Volt Axe" which my dad gave me.

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