As time goes on i discover i might as well have some degree of OCD, makes me wonder if its normal nowdays or just accepted cause it makes you a workaholic if put in the right way.

The last few days iw as checking on the quests at the Guild Quest List (MHFU), i mena no offense but darn!, they look so dam simple, thats not something im too happy to say about our wiki site, so well i had to meddle into it and i think i came up with some nice format i stole from the armors section, since we got some nice inspirited workers there and i think they got some great stuff done.

So lets see, we have several pages with strategies, and tho im pretty sure ill end up giving some of my own opinions there, again i say, this- The Legendary Kirin (MHF2), does not look nice at all, we have almost a full file of quests with strategies like that, im not gonna complain about how simple the strategies go as far as for diversity of weapons and what not, ill leave that for other day.

Some might say its not for me to fix it, but well, they might be writting their own blog, this is mine, deal with it XD, anyway one of the main reasons why i focused on all the quest pages is because you can find them all in the -dead end- section of this wiki, which means the system is taking them all as -troublematic- pages, which they arent and we cant focus on other pages that might need more attention cause we got loads of quest pages.

So basically i came up with this. A True Foe - The Giadrome!, the base came up from this tigrex armor page Tigrex Armor (Blade), (i must admit that i need to take some time and perhaps straighten up all my previous armor set pages to look like this one), which seems like a nice and solif format to have.

Now i dont know how or why i end up giving myself so big loads of work, i might need to learn how to control that or ill need another break like last time after i finished posting all info on the greatsword trees (i had already SNS, as well as Hammer in my computer but the harddrive fried ergo, a HUGE letdown).

So now, my pendings are:

  • straighten up the quest pages.
  • continue to work and maybe even finish the greatsword tree.
  • start with another weapon tree.

So maybe for the time the incoming wave of expected new players we will get due to tri coming soon and all new players to united.

well at least im hoping we get a wave of new members coming to check our site.

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