Ok i finally -finished- to some degree the first set of quests in the Guild Quest List (MHFU) page, now hopefully ill take some extra time and give them an extra work before i move on to the next set.

To this point is where i find it most uncomfortable for myself, im not sure if i should move on to the next set of quests and work on them or stick with the ones im at right now until im comfortable with what i see.

whats the big deal you say?, well basically its a problem on just how much selfcritizing i am and how much i respect the work other persons do, theres a weird line in the middle where im a little bit uncomfortable with what im seeing but i respect someone else's work, perhaps wikipedia is just no the right place to come up with that sort of thinking...

Anyway, ill try my best to just leave the original work on each quests there as i dont really want to just erase everything and claim i know it all, no matter how much experience i might have i think every hunter has an opinion, you might be aware of this and might have thought of the same when i mentioned i was a little uncomfortable with the strategies in the quests descriptions, Basically i dont think theres only 1 way of completing a mission, heck i have gone to hunting missions with my friends wearing nothing but crappy gear just cause we thought it was fun to do.

Now this whole convo makes me wonder just how much would be good to put as info in a quest page, really if i let myself loose i would go all on, coming from ffxi wiki, im even used that the monster description pages include a historical background on the monster, meaning which mythos comes from, a little of this history and even sometimes alternate viewpoints on how they came up with the name, and honestly i do enjoy this, im such a dork when it comes to information, i really think the more info you have on a subject the best, and then again sometimes i struggle on when to stop or put less to make it more convenien @.@

So well ill stop the ranting for now, i just want to end this note saying that im very glad to see theres work going on, when i first joined the comunity there was very few stuff going on and was mostly due to deadcat and artemis mostly, now i see more people working and comunicating and i like that, i think ill hang around longer like this.

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