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  • Xariamaru

    1 star Quests complete!

    January 31, 2010 by Xariamaru

    Ok i finally -finished- to some degree the first set of quests in the Guild Quest List (MHFU) page, now hopefully ill take some extra time and give them an extra work before i move on to the next set.

    To this point is where i find it most uncomfortable for myself, im not sure if i should move on to the next set of quests and work on them or stick with the ones im at right now until im comfortable with what i see.

    whats the big deal you say?, well basically its a problem on just how much selfcritizing i am and how much i respect the work other persons do, theres a weird line in the middle where im a little bit uncomfortable with what im seeing but i respect someone else's work, perhaps wikipedia is just no the right place to come up with that…

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  • Xariamaru

    Work work ftw

    January 31, 2010 by Xariamaru

    As time goes on i discover i might as well have some degree of OCD, makes me wonder if its normal nowdays or just accepted cause it makes you a workaholic if put in the right way.

    The last few days iw as checking on the quests at the Guild Quest List (MHFU), i mena no offense but darn!, they look so dam simple, thats not something im too happy to say about our wiki site, so well i had to meddle into it and i think i came up with some nice format i stole from the armors section, since we got some nice inspirited workers there and i think they got some great stuff done.

    So lets see, we have several pages with strategies, and tho im pretty sure ill end up giving some of my own opinions there, again i say, this- The Legendary Kirin (MHF2), does …

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