The Tigrex in Lv.4 mission (Urgent Quest) is very difficult to clear. But if you know his moves, good! If you don't know his moves, is recomended to you to use the GreatSword(Khezu Shock Sword) or DualBlades (Order Rapier). If you jus' want to cut his tail, the GreatSword isn't the the best choice for that!Try to use the DualBlades, use de Demoniacal Power and use the Shock Trap, then, go to his tail, and press circle cutton. Do that and cut his tail to make Armor and W. . In the Snowy Mountains, you can't use Bombs, so the required material to hunt that Tigrex is: Shock Trap, Flash Bomb, and many potions. Don't forget, he's so powerful and he's so bed when he is in rage!! Try to be close to him, because he run's and attack's you with his fang! You most do much combos!!! I defeated him when the time was running out(7:24)!! The most powerful players can win him in 24 minutes, so , if you are a newbie, it's going to take time! Be patient and focus on his moves!!!

Armor Made by Tigrex Material:

Tigrex Helm

Tigrex Mail

Tigrex Vembraces

Tigrex Tasset

Tigrex Greaves

Weapons made by Tigrex Material:

Gs:Tiger Agito

Ls:Tigrex Tooth

S&S:Rex Talon

Db:Rex Slicer

H:Striped Hammer

Hh:Striped Dragonga

Gl:Rex Blast

B:Tiger Arrow

Lbg:Tigrex Tank

Hbg:Tigrex Howl

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