Wyvern Queen Kym

aka Kymmles

  • I live in my own little world :D
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Highschool Student/Teacher of MH
  • I am A boyish kind of girl. =P
  • Wyvern Queen Kym

    Well, I figured it is about time I joined the wiki and also shared some knowledge I've learned over 8 years of hunting. In particular, I am going to be focusing on general Tri stuff and hammer usage which I commonly use with my students.

    Lesson 1: Hitboxes like Jagger

    I'm sure a LOT of people know about the annoying hitboxes on some monsters, and the hurtbox that some also come with. In particular, I've watched my student Jacob be hit with Rathian's tail on many occassions during my lessons. It came to my realization when I took off my evasion armor about how deceptive the tail of the Rathian and Rathalos in this gen is. Sure, its not Plesioth big, but still! This led to me investigating more into the hitbox of the large monsters in Tri. I f…

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