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Monster Appreciation Week: Iodrome (4th Gen)

Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week!

This time we'll take a look at the Poisonous Raptor Leader, Iodrome!

MH4-Iodrome and Ioprey Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4-Iodrome Icon Alpha monsters that lead Ioprey. Larger than their brothers and with a more prominent crest, Iodrome spit a poison that slowly saps the life from their prey. They are found primarily in subtropical zones.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★

MH4 and MH4U Equipment


Low Rank(MH4U)

  • Negate Poison
  • Status Atk +1
  • Double Stun

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Negate Poison
  • Status Atk +1
  • Double Stun

Low Rank(MH4U)

  • Negate Poison
  • Status Atk +1
  • Double Stun

High Rank(MH4U)

  • Negate Poison
  • Status Atk +1
  • Double Stun

Great Sword
MH4-Great Sword Render 038
Fanged Serpentblade
Sword and Shield
MH4-Sword and Shield Render 011
Hydra Bite
Light Bowgun
MH4-Light Bowgun Render 010
Shotgun (Blood)
Indent01 Crimson Blade Shower
IndentIndent01 Rouge Shooter

Interesting Facts About Ioprey and Iodrome

  • Ioprey and Iodrome are a Subspecies of Velociprey and Velocidrome.
  • Out of the five known Runner Wyvern species, Ioprey and Iodrome are the most unique in the family with their own unique characteristics.
  • Ioprey packs can be found just about anywhere in the Old World, except in the Snowy Mountains.
  • Unlike other known Runner Wyverns, Ioprey and Iodrome have a poison sac inside their throat that allows them to spit toxic poison at prey. This has also made their small fangs poisonous when biting into prey.
  • Even their scales are filled with poison for defense against predators.
  • Ioprey and Iodrome primarily feed on small Neopterons, which is the reason why they have developed their poisonous sac, along with Apceros, Slagtoth, and carrion.
  • Iodrome seem to be old Ioprey that lead the Ioprey pack.
  • Similar to the other Runner Wyverns, Iodrome can be either male or female.
  • The crest on their head is said to have some type of use but what it is used for is unknown.
    • Some Iodrome have crests that look like axes.
  • Iodrome poison is stronger than Ioprey poison and the poison can even kill Ioprey in near minutes.
  • The bones of Iodrome are used for weapons and arrowheads. These bones contain poison.

MH4U Introduction Cutscene

3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Iodrome Intro-00:43

3DS Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate -Iodrome Intro-

Title MH4U: Iodrome Intro
Provided by DrTangerine

Iodrome Art

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