Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week: Related Species!

In the world of Monster Hunter, there are species that are closely related, but are not considered subspecies. They have similar names, and in Frontier they're called Retshu species. And this is what this DoTW is about, we're going to take a look at these monsters. Without further ado, let's begin!


MH4-Yian Kut-Ku and Konchu Render 001
MH4-Yian Garuga Render 001
Yian Kut-Ku Yian Garuga
MH4U-Diablos Render 001
MH4U-Monoblos Render 001
FrontierGen-Varusaburosu Render 001
Diablos Varusaburosu
MH4-Rathian Render 001
FrontierGen-Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) Render 001
Rathian Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern)
MH4-Rathalos Render 001
FrontierGen-Zerureusu Render 001
Rathalos Zerureusu
MH4-Tigrex Render 001
FrontierGen-Diorekkusu Render 001
Tigrex Diorekkusu
FrontierGen-Hypnocatrice Render 001
FrontierGen-Farunokku Render 001
Hypnocatrice Farunokku
FrontierGen-Espinas Render 001
FrontierGen-Meraginasu Render 001
Espinas Meraginasu
FrontierGen-Dyuragaua Render 001
Mi Ru (Unknown Flying Fox)
Dyuragaua Mi Ru
3rdGen-Jhen Mohran Render 001
MH4-Dah'ren Mohran Render 001
Jhen Mohran Dah'ren Mohran
If I have forgotten any species just let me know!


  • Do you think those are better than Subspecies? Why/Why not?
  • Favorite Related Species?
  • Least favorite?
  • Which monster should get a related species next in your opinion?

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