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Um, by popular request I guess? This time, we'll take a look at the mysterious Frenzy Virus!

4thGen-Frenzied Tigrex Render 001


When hit by Gore or Shagaru's Virus attacks, or any infected monster, the hunter will become infected with the Frenzy Virus. It requires some time to incubate, represented by a blue bar. If said bar fills completely, the virus inflicts a large Defense Decrease on the hunter, as well as reducing the affinity of their weapon. However, if the hunter inflicts enough damage on a monster whilst the virus is incubating, they gain a large affinity boost instead.

Infected Monsters

Of course, Frenzy Virus can infect monsters as well. This does not only change the monster's looks, but also locks them in some sort of perma-rage! That's insane, Capcom.

【MH4】 天空山の異変 【ジンオウガ vs ドスイーオス vs イーオス】01:11

【MH4】 天空山の異変 【ジンオウガ vs ドスイーオス vs イーオス】

Title MH4 Infected Zinogre CG Video
Provided by GenesisCvCv


  • What do you think of FWV overall?
  • Which is your favorite infected monster?
  • Would you like to see the Frenzy Virus in future Monster Hunter games?
  • Which monster you'd like to see infected in the future?

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