Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week: 4th Generation Soundtrack!

Last Soundtrack DoTW was ages ago, so before the hunting season in MH4U begins, let's listen to some pretty-damn-epic music from these games. And I think we can all agree 4th Gen has some of the best themes in the franchise.

Honorable Mentions

Of course, it's impossible to add every single soundtrack piece in the game, so I'll list the ones which I think are the most memorable or epic. If you think I've forgotten a theme, just suggest it in the comments, and I might add it to the list!


Shinato Village 1
MH4 Cathar Theme

Before we move onto the battle themes, let's start things off with a calm, peaceful theme. Shinato Village is located near the Heavenly Mountains, and its theme fits perfectly with the lifestyle of the people that live there. I could listen to this for hours.

Ancestral Steppe

MH4U-Ancestral Steppe Screenshot 005
MH4 Ancestral Steppe Music Theme

The Ancestral Steppe is the first Area we'll visit in MH4U; Its theme is in some parts similar to the main theme. Apparently it was made for Kecha Wacha, and even if I think it doesn't really fit said monster, it's still awesome anyways.

Sunken Hollow

Underground Cave Base Camp
MH4: Sunken Hollow Music Theme

Too spooky for you? Giant frogs and spiders are among the creatures that lurk in this area, so a rather creepy theme is well-suited for it. Some could say it's a weird theme, but that just makes it better in my opinion.

Frozen Seaway

MH4: Frozen Seaway Music Theme

Many people love this theme, and it's not hard to see why. Dat piano. Shame this theme is rather "unusal", as many of the monsters that live in the Frozen Seaway have their own specific BGMs.


MH4-Tigrex Render 001
MH4: Tigrex Theme

So even if Tigrex is a 2nd Generation monster, I thought I had to mention its remixed theme in 4th Gen. Because it's much better than the original, right?

Gore Magala

MH4-Gore Magala Render 001
MH4: Gore Magala Theme

So as always, being a Flagship gives Gore Magala the right to have its own theme. And this one does fit the monster it was made for. A very "villainous" theme, with some epic parts mixed into it as well.


MH4U-Seregios Render 001

Play MH4U: Seregios Music Theme

Just like Gore Magala's theme fits its "evil" nature, Seregios theme fits its agressiveness, while also being similar to some desert themes at some moments. Undoubtedly, one of the best themes in 4th gen.


MH4U-Gogmazios Render 001

Play MH4U: Gogmazios Music Theme Part 2

Musical Spoilers, maybe? I just had to put this here because I'm biased Capcom never fails to disappoint when it comes to Final Boss themes. In fact, I wrote this blog while listening to this BGM. It's just too good!


  • Do you think 4th Generation's soundtrack is better than previous generations?
    • Why/Why not?
  • Favorite 4th Gen theme?
  • Least favorite?
  • Do you want to see more remixes in upcoming games, like Tigrex theme? Or do you prefer the originals?

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