This is a "just for kicks" blog. Feel free to ask questions and hopefully someone will know the right answer.

(f.e). If you use Ballista Binder on Jhen Mohran and than use the Dragonator, he won't be able to get away and will receive more damage than usual.

Sounds true right? Well if you notice that when some people use Binder and Gong together, the other cancels the prior one right? So the same probably applies to Dragonator and Binder will likely end as soon as you spike mister Jhen.

Heres an interesting fact by the way. If you notice, you can USE a Toadstool. Upon use, you will be poisoned and lose a tiny bit of hp. Now why on earth would Capcom let you do that? Is it for suicide? (10 of em won't kill yah unless you ate bad food) Screwing around with newbies? (Blowing yourself with bombs and eating Toadstools WILL kill you, but bombs are a tad more expensive). So heres another myth

Eating a Toadstool will cancel out the previous poison, thus replacing the stronger poison with a weaker. (Rathian Tail Flip/Gigginox/Rathalos Talon's/etc. So instead of losing like 60 hp from poison, you will lose less than 10hp by eating the Toadstool. Neat right? (Always better to pack the Antidote/Herbal Medicine though)

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