aka Krzysztof Koziński

  • I live in Ziębice
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Paleontology
  • I am Male
  • WhiteFatalis&Tigrex123

    I will not say anything about myself just about my favorite things in MH.

    Hunter Name: Hero

    Hunter Rank: 7 (Hight rank Nekoht)

    Playning Online?: No

    MH Games Owned: MHF, MHF2,MHFU,MHF3U,MH1,MH2

    Weapon: Tigrex Tooth,Black Belt Lance,Black Belt Hammer,Bastionmnage,Black Belt Bowgun,Monoblos Club,Ceantarian Dagger,Bronze Coin,Flaming Pair

    Set Armor: Ceanataur Set,Diablo Set,Tigrex Set,Mafumofu Set,Battle Set,Hunter's Set,

    Favourite Monsters: White Fatalis,Fatalis,Crimson Fatalis,Tigrex,Lao-Shan Lung,Giadrome,Congalala,Diablos

    Favourite Element: Fire,Thunder,Dragon

    Favourite Ailment: Sleep

    Favourite Weapon: Tigrex Tooth 

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