• Virjule

    MHP3rd coming on PSP2 "NGP"

    January 27, 2011 by Virjule

    Hi everybody, I saw that nobody alrealdy told you about that but Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will come on the next PlayStation Portable which has just been revealed by Sony this morning. The current name of the machine is "Next Generation Portable" but it will change before the release (likely end 2011), of course.

    Among NGP's features, the machine should be 4 times more powerful than any other portable machine (3DS, current PSP, iPhone) and uses a double touchpad (the front screen is tactile, but there is a tactile zone in the back of the machine). It also has two joysticks. But the most interesting for us is that Capcom will release a new version of P3rd on it, which should use some of its features like both joysticks to manipulate camera…

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