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MHP3rd Hot Spring Gathering Hall Info

Vhunterman October 23, 2010 User blog:Vhunterman


Yukumo Bath area

Bandai San


  • This system is known as "series", He is sitting beside the entrance of the bath area.
  • Can be play in multiplayer.

Hot Sping Quest

V0 V1

  • This is the felyne that give you Hot Spring and Drinks quest.


  • After clearing the hot spring quest, you can upgrade the gathering hall hot spring water and can provide better effect.

Drinks Quest


  • You can unlock more type of drinks that provide you with better skill by doing the drinks queat.


Drinks Shopkeeper


  • As the felyne kitchen has removed, but we still can boost our skill by drinking drinks from the drinks shopkeeper beside the hot spring.
  • Players can have a drink along with friends.
  • More drinks can be unlock to activate better skill by going on a drink quest.
  • Everytime players need to activate some skills before quest and they need to enter the gathering hall, then enter the hot spring zone, so there is a direct passage for players to enter the gathering hall.


  • Different selection of drinks


  • Activate special skill


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