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  • Deviljho come out at 2:06
  • After Aoshira defeated, a warning sign pop out at 0:37

From the third MHP3 trailer, capcom had comfirmed there is Deviljho and it had new chain up attack.

Jhen Mohran

Players will be happy that the giant great desert elder dragon, Jhen Mohran is back. From the first image, that is a full set of Jinouga armor and its long sword while solo hunting a Jhen Mohran.

MHP3 3rd Trailer


There are many new weapons seen in this trailer :

  • Narga Switchaxe
  • Royal Ludroth Dual Sword
  • Aoashira HBG
  • Aoashira Switchaxe
  • Jinouga Long Sword
  • Barioth Dual Sword
  • Jinouga Switchaxe
  • Doboruberuku Switchaxe
  • Doboruberuku Hammer

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