Yukumo Village


Home Features

  • Management changes and equipment, items, save data, hunter and Otomoairu dressed up.
  • Live To Hunt Magazine will provide guide for hunters.
  • Change hairstyle and inner armor.
  • Otomoairu has been established farms and at home, possible training and equipment changing.
  • Otomoairu will sleep next to you when you rest on bed to save data.
  • New combination formulation

Village Stores

Item Store

  • General store that sells various items, you can buy the quest items you need before you leave.
  • You can buy, sell and directly tranfer the item that you buy to the item box.

Equipment Store

  • Hunter can buy and sell armor and weapons here from a lady.
  • There is no weapon and armor improve here.

Equipment Improve Store

  • Armor and weapon can be improve here from the blacksmith, a short man.
  • The blacksmithis standing at the front of the lady's equipment store.
  • Besides improving, hunter can also create equipment here just ike the felyne at the equuipment store in MHFU.

Felyne Equipment Store

  • This is a small store beside the blacksmith, a bright colour felyne is the owner of this store.
  • Felyne armor (torso and helmet) and weapon can be create here by using monster material.



  • Village Chief - Provide hunter village quest
  • Hawker - sell special item before hunter going to quest
  • A old women, Nekobaa - let you hire felyne comrade
  • Piglet - can let your two felynes ride on it
  • Equipment lady - sell weapons and armor
  • Blacksmith - improves armos and equipment
  • Equipment felyne - create felyne armor and weapons
  • Item seller - sell item
  • 4 new villagers - standing at differnt spot of the village

Felyne Training Arena


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