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    More Images Will be Post on 18 Dec !

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    Image Of New MHP3 Weapons

    November 17, 2010 by Vhunterman

    The first image on top is a new (maybe dragon/fire/just a raw GS), its from a anime named Magister Magi Negi, the sword in the anime is called Ensis Exorcizans.


    Barioth Jinouga


    Nargacurga Agnaktor Black Felyne Jinouga Blue-Grey SA


    R.Ludroth Jinouga


    Great Jaggi Jinouga Wooden(Starter)


    Rathian Jinouga Great Jaggi


    Jinouga Brown Barioth


    Dosufurogi Jinouga Wooden (Starter) Looks like Eternal Strife


    Great Jaggi Jinouga Wooden (Starter)


    Qurupeco Jinouga Wooden (Starter) Doboruberuku


    Jinouga Green Bow Wooden (Starter) R.Ludroth


    Aoshira White Shell Jinouga Qurupeco Rathian

    Refer to the Nov 17th Famitsu, Few GL will be in MHP3: (Brainfox, Gold Crown, Sliver Crown and Platinum Crown). Beside that, ther is also some …

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    MHP3 Armor Databook

    November 16, 2010 by Vhunterman

    Is it publish yet ?

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    • Jinouga Dual Sword and Armor

    • Jinouga armor is blue in colour and have some yellow spike on the arm and the helmet, the helmet is something like rathalos helmet. It maybe the the coolest armor within all armor i n MHP3.
    • Jinouga long sword is pretty cool, i love its design very much because is just like a blue thunder saber.
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    MHP3 Deviljho Gameplay

    November 11, 2010 by Vhunterman
    • Deviljho come out at 2:06
    • After Aoshira defeated, a warning sign pop out at 0:37

    Players will be happy that the giant great desert elder dragon, Jhen Mohran is back. From the first image, that is a full set of Jinouga armor and its long sword while solo hunting a Jhen Mohran.

    There are many new weapons seen in this trailer :

    • Narga Switchaxe
    • Royal Ludroth Dual Sword
    • Aoashira HBG
    • Aoashira Switchaxe
    • Jinouga Long Sword
    • Barioth Dual Sword
    • Jinouga Switchaxe
    • Doboruberuku Switchaxe
    • Doboruberuku Hammer
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