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  • Velhunter

    I have just thought of a new trap that they have to make for one of the games. I think they need to make a poison pitfall trap. Can you all agree? In stead of the net being green it is purple. When the monster falls it is temporarily poisoned. Of course, there needs to be a down side. The down side is that if you cant use it to capture the monster, because when you think about it, a poison trap would kill it when instead of capturing it if its too weak. You know that you would want one of these in you inventory.

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  • Velhunter


    July 9, 2010 by Velhunter

    Anyone out there with monster hunter tri and wants a friend online. Just comment on this, and write following: Your Hr, your biggest monster youve slayed and how many times, and you player ID. Thats all. Thank you.

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  • Velhunter

    Hey I have monster hunter freedom, and I go online all the time and no one is there. Could someone with monster hunter freedom just go online for once. Not freedom unite, just freedom.

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