So I was completely oblivious to the fact that the Numbingbird--> Paralykeet --> Alluring Lotus hammer path had a cool animation once the weapon was fully charged or for the final attack of a chain. This got me wondering what other weapons might have a fun animation. So if you have one or know of one post here and give a description of what the animation does or looks like. Hopefully this isn't an eroneous blog and there is only the one with an animation... that'd be embarrassing. Also remeber that element attacks and status attacks are not what we are looking for here. I know a fire element weapon creates a puff of flame when it strikes something and the others have differing visual effects but I am looking for a change in the weapon itself. Thanks all.

Gobul Series Hammer: Orginal art is akin to that of a flower as pictured but once a third charge is reached or for the final attack of a chain spikes extend out of the flower similar to what one would see on Gobul itself. Gives it the "look a pretty flower. 'snifff...' OMFG ACUPUNCTURE ON MY FACE" type feel.

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