I'm a fan of status attacks but I know full well that when a monster is weak to a certain element using that element results in a faster death... usually. But my question this time around is if the elemental attacks apply a secondary effect to monsters, similar to status attacks or are those only applicable to hunters? For example does using a water element weapon cause the monster to not regenerate stamina as quickly? I think I've seen this happening but I have never really confirmed it as fact. I've even posted a few comments around the MH Wiki stating this. Am I incorrect in this?

Secondly what are people's general preferences when comparing status vs element weapons? Do you prefer one over the other and why? Do element weapon users need to have more weapons available than status weapon users? What is the preffered status? What is the preffered element? I know that there was a poll on the element one and dragon element won. Is this still the case? Okay enough questions for one blog. Thanks in advance for the responses.

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