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Break Everything or just what you need?

Vebnstuff September 27, 2010 User blog:Vebnstuff

So I am trying to get certain items off of monsters and up to date I have been breaking or severing as many parts as I could if not all of them on each and every monster. For example the Lagiacrus. I want the horns, since everything thunder element seems to need a few of them, but have been cutting off the tail, damaging the chest, breaking the spikes on its back as well as breaking its horns. I seem to get a ton of all the other items, i.e. hides, tails, shell shockers etc, but very very rarely will I get a horn.

Are the other rewards taking the place of me getting the horns that I want or are the horns just a rare drop that I don't see very often?


Do I have a smaller chance of getting what I want if I break / sever multiple monster parts than I do if I only break / sever the part associated with what I want?

Obviously this isn't game breaking as eventually I will get everything that I want but the thought occured to me so I thought I'd ask those who might know. Thanks for the help.

Vebnstuff 16:21, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

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