• Vebnstuff

    Element VS Status

    October 13, 2010 by Vebnstuff

    I'm a fan of status attacks but I know full well that when a monster is weak to a certain element using that element results in a faster death... usually. But my question this time around is if the elemental attacks apply a secondary effect to monsters, similar to status attacks or are those only applicable to hunters? For example does using a water element weapon cause the monster to not regenerate stamina as quickly? I think I've seen this happening but I have never really confirmed it as fact. I've even posted a few comments around the MH Wiki stating this. Am I incorrect in this?

    Secondly what are people's general preferences when comparing status vs element weapons? Do you prefer one over the other and why? Do element weapon users need…

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  • Vebnstuff

    Weapons with Animations

    October 7, 2010 by Vebnstuff
    So I was completely oblivious to the fact that the Numbingbird--> Paralykeet --> Alluring Lotus hammer path had a cool animation once the weapon was fully charged or for the final attack of a chain. This got me wondering what other weapons might have a fun animation. So if you have one or know of one post here and give a description of what the animation does or looks like. Hopefully this isn't an eroneous blog and there is only the one with an animation... that'd be embarrassing. Also remeber that element attacks and status attacks are not what we are looking for here. I know a fire element weapon creates a puff of flame when it strikes something and the others have differing visual effects but I am looking for a change in the weapon itse… Read more >
  • Vebnstuff

    So I am trying to get certain items off of monsters and up to date I have been breaking or severing as many parts as I could if not all of them on each and every monster. For example the Lagiacrus. I want the horns, since everything thunder element seems to need a few of them, but have been cutting off the tail, damaging the chest, breaking the spikes on its back as well as breaking its horns. I seem to get a ton of all the other items, i.e. hides, tails, shell shockers etc, but very very rarely will I get a horn.

    Are the other rewards taking the place of me getting the horns that I want or are the horns just a rare drop that I don't see very often?


    Do I have a smaller chance of getting what I want if I break / sever multiple monster par…

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